"The fact that we
live close to
our properties
means that any
service demand
will be attended
to promptly."

McCarthy Rentals Consult

The firm offers a vast array of properties on our computerised system, which offers clients a database that is broad and updated; this is for property being sold all over Malta and Gozo.

The broad database for McCarthy Rentals provides all types of properties varying from basic essentials to homes of optimum elegance. The letting consultants’ team is extremely skilled and each of the associates endeavours to cater to the clients’ needs as effectively as possible.

The skilled team of McCarthy Rentals can help you in looking for business premises which are strategic. The firm has a database specifically for commercial properties which are present on the market; this enables the firm to always be able to present a huge variety of selections suitable for any client. This is in regard to not just the locality, but size as well.

You might be looking for retail outlets, office premises, catering establishments, warehouses or any other kind of commercial property. The broad database at McCarthy Rentals will definitely provide this, to present a concept to cater for your requirements.

For clients who desire to make an investment in McCarthy Rentals’ high value property, there are selected associates who focus in this area.

You might be moving to Malta alone or with a firm, or you might be a business person who wants to establish themselves in Malta, or discover more about the prospects of starting a business in Malta; you will be guided by McCarthy Rentals on the appropriate path.

Services for maintenance and property management are accorded on demand. There are numerous foreign clients who have selected to opt for this service.